Spicy Sea-bass soup with gluten free bread

Hello foodies, Perfect with some crusty bread, this quick, easy , hot, spicy , tasty and above all “healthy” fish soup is a favourite of mine. It can also be made with chicken if you prefer. Look out tomorrow for which “Healthy bread brand” I used. Tons of love,...

Garlicky lamb chops with green beans (Low carb – High Fat)

Low carb - High fat , AKA -  banting  involves eating foods low in carbohydrates, high in fats and moderate in protein. Check out this tasty recipe packed with delicious greens, lean protein and healthy oils. [penci_recipe]

Triple Fish Pie (dairy and gluten free)

A delicious potato-topped triple fish pie filled with Cod ~ Haddock ~ Salmon. [penci_recipe] Not only is this dish comforting and delicious, it’s healthy too!

“Guess The Dish”

Hi foodies, 1. Leave a comment below to “guess the dish”... 2. Make sure you sign up to receive an exclusive email update once the recipe is out. 3. Like, share, follow 🙂 Tons of love, Malaika.

Vegan hazelnut filled waffers @ Manner

"Malaika - I saw these vegan snacks and thought of you ...." A friend of mine travelled to Austria and on her return, gifted me with these delicious waffers. Vegan! and filled with  layers of delicate hazelnut cream. Delicious is an understatement! I loved them so...