Who says deserts should be unhealthy and boring?? Not @Leon restaurants!

Its such a pleasure to be sponsored to delicious treats! Above all – they were all 100 % guilt free..

I had an amazing time @ Leon in Canary Wharf –  AddressLower Mall, Unit 62 Jubilee Pl, London E14 5NY

Great treats, awesome environment and above all a fantastic team !

The manager – John and colleagues Suzie and Diana were all great to be around. They new the products well and advised which treats would be fantastic for my liking.

I had the ;

Chocolate chai baked donut 🍩  – This is absolutely wheat & dairy free / vegetarian


Lemon, Courgette & Polenta Cake – Wheat free / vegetarian

If you have been following my healthiest spots posts you will notice that Leon is by far one of my top healthy take out spots! They have a variety of gluten, wheat ,dairy free products and much more!

Tons of love,